Laugh Love Live

Yesterday I happened to notice this flag that a friend had on her house, and I had seen it a few times but never actually saw it, if you know what I mean. It made me smile and think WOW how simple those words are, yet how severe they are. If we use these 3 words in our everyday lives and I mean quite often, I just know things will be much easier to battle. I will certainly place these words on my favorable word list.
We really need to LIVE our lives to their fullest and I understand that you have all read that saying many times in just about every positive self-esteem publication, and jeez I wonder why, as it is what we have to do. Consider it like this, when we receive a present, do we toss it on the floor or put it away till later or ignore it and say,” whatever? I will get to it one day.” NOT!!!!! See, we open it and enjoy it and take good care of it and love where we got it. Is Life not a gift to us to open and enjoy and take care of and love where we got it? YESSSSSSS!!! Need I say more on that word?
Then we have LOVE. There are various kinds of Love…. Love of children, Love of husbands, Love of parents, Love of animals; Daytona Animal Removal, Love of food (yum),Love of clothing. Love of shopping, Love of dancing, Love of sports, Love of friends, but the most important Love, I think is the Love of oneself. We must Love ourselves in order to be able to truly Love anything or anyone. So start Loving Up ladies.
The next word LAUGH that the best thing about this action is that it’s contagious, have you ever noticed that no matter how uptight or low you feel that when someone starts to laugh even if it’s as silly as a laugh button in your pc, your body automatically changes and sends great vibrations to your brain which turns to a smile, even a laugh. I will place this workout on my list of favorable exercises. I don`t know about any of you, but I can also make myself laugh by just thinking about something that maybe did not even make me laugh at the time. I try to lean on these types of thoughts when I feel the lows creeping in on me, and Yes it will work!
Even if it is at the cost of someones foolishness, so what! It’s made me feel good and no harm was done, so Laugh it up women. It’s a very good thing.
LIVE like its the best gift ever!
LOVE yourself like a fat kid luvs cake!
LAUGH like you’ve never laughed before!
The best aspect of all is that every one of those super words is FREE!!! I love free stuff, so do it like you mean it no matter what you do in life women.

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